Fitness Classes

One Studio - Multiple High-Intensity Fitness Classes in Kirkland

Our distinctive hour-long workouts are tailored by YOU to fit your goals and fitness level:

It’s the music…

MashUp Immerse your senses in a musically driven group fitness class in Kirkland.  The MashUp, created by Bassline, offers 40 spinning bikes, 12 non-motorized Woodway treadmills, 10 Krankcycles® and two rowers. Each person will have his/her own spin bike for the duration of the class but may move from one piece of equipment to the next after each song.

In one 60-minute class you will have the opportunity to Ride, Run, Krank and Row, working different muscle groups. You can choose to mix up this class in any way you feel fit. If you feel like running the whole class go for it! If you feel like staying on your bike that’s great too! The front of the room will feature two large video screens to provide visual entertainment and inspiration. The instructor will integrate music videos and other sources of inspiration into the playlist. Class is open to all fitness levels.

Bazuka is a high energy fast paced circuit training class held in our state of the art MashUp room. Bazuka is the perfect combination of both of our flagship classes (MashUp and Lean425). A typical class starts off just like MashUp two or three songs on the bike. That’s where it takes its twist, after you move from the bike you will go to one of 20 stations and move through all 20. You then will return to your bike to do some interval work then back out for another round of circuit training. You can expect the music to be loud and the energy to be high.

Get Lean …

Lean425 is an interval training workout that mixes cardio with strength training. The cardio portion of class uses our state of the art Woodway treadmills for a smooth, low impact running experience like no other. The strength training portion of class will work you from head to toe and involves a range of equipment such as weights, TRX, sandbags, body weight exercises and much more. This 60 minute class will build on your strength, endurance and overall physical conditioning. Lean425 is for everyone. Whether you are just getting into fitness or you are a hardcore fitness fanatic this class is for you! Walkers, joggers and serious runners are all welcome.


LeanBoxing is a cardio packed class that includes 3 minute intervals of treadmill and boxing. Learn the proper punching technique using the gloves, mitts and bags provided during class. Hand wraps are REQUIRED by every client participating in this class. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not have your own, wraps can be purchased at the front desk.

Do your own thing …

Open Gym Just want to come in and do your own thing?  Stop in during our Open gym to use our top-of-the-line Woodway and Woodway Curve Treadmills, Krankcycles, Spinner NXT Spinning bikes and Concept 2 Rowing Machines. Hand weights, Sandbags, TRX and Body Bars are also available for use. Open gym is only available during non-class times when staffing allows and is on a first come first served basis. Open Gym in the MashUp room consists of Woodway Curve treadmills, Krankcycles, Spinning bikes and Rowing machines. Open Gym in Lean425 room consists of Woodway treadmills, Hand weights, Sandbags, TRX and Body Bars. Open Gym closes 30 minutes prior to class. Schedule is subject to change. Please call ahead to verify availability.

At Bassline, you pick the fitness classes that suit your goals. Our top-of-the-line equipment, spectacular sound and video system, and an environment designed for everyone will keep you coming back.